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  • How much does it cost to purchase one of Tracy's Dogs?
    Each dog has a price based on its breed, color, and size. Send us an email to get an exact quote for the dog you have your eye on.
  • How do I pick up a puppy if I purchase?
    Tracy can meet you in a public place near Fyffe, AL or you can come to the farm to pick them up. Tracy can also meet you at the airport (extra charge for time and gas). Grounds carrier is also available if needed.
  • At how many weeks can I pick up my dog to take home?
    Our dogs are good to go home at 7 weeks old. If need to be shipped they need to be 8 weeks old.
  • How often are there new puppies?
    We have a new liter of puppies at least every 4 months.
  • Where are you located?
    Tracy's breeds are raised on a 140 acre farm in Fyffe, AL.
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